Blessing Come In All Shapes & Sizes

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Recently a group of volunteers….16 in total…. came to Macha. They are from I-TEC,a volunteer group, based in Pennsylvania, that sends out teams all over the world to help with electricity problems. As you know, a big need for us here…. and they felt we qualified!  We have been so blessed as different members of the team have been here for about 6 weeks now helping in many many ways!

“Thumbody” Special

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MICS students are finding out that they are “THUMBODY” SPECIAL………made by God!!

Finger painted  thumb prints and sidewalk chalk drawings of themselves helped them to see how they have been uniquely  and specially created by God.

Keep watching for more MICS news!!

We have heard the _  _  _  _  _  _  is coming to town!!!

First Graders go on a field trip!!

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The first graders took a short field trip to visit the NINE kittens born in the MICS house a few weeks ago. Our two mother cats had kittens within 24 hours of each other. They are all one big happy family. They do know which kittens belong to what mother …… but they share the responsibility and feeding times.
The first graders enjoyed holding and playing with the little kittens. They were afraid at first as the children are not used to house pets. They tend to treat animals in a rough and tuff manor so it is good for the children to learn how to care for a pet and be kind and gentle. They check on them often and look for changes in them.
They told me they are not afraid anymore(-: Yes…… they all want one to take home!


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MICS science classes for grades 3,4,and 5 went on a fossil hunt last week.
Mr. Hammes a Flying Mission volunteer who is teaching grade 5 and science for the three classes took the students on an interesting dig.
The students are really enjoying the fun….. and learning much!!
Science is alive and interesting.
Thanks so much Mr. Hammes!!

MICS students have Home Economics Classes

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Another blessing for MICS!!
Amy Hess will be volunteering at MICS for the next month. She is a Home Economics teacher in the US. She came to Macha with her husband while he is doing a rotation as a medical student. She got a leave of absence from her school to so she could teach at MICS while she is here.

Mrs. Hess began the Home Economics classes right away. She is currently teaching the children how to sew on buttons. They will make a bag and we are working on getting crochet hooks flown in so they can learn how to crocket. They will do some beading projects as well during this time.
We are keeping Amy very busy as she is also teaching reading and English to the third graders. She has taken over the weekly library classes which gives me a bit of break. It is fun to have someone else come and share their creative ideas with the children.

We are thankful for her time here. The children are excited and love her and all she does for them.

MICS begins school year with royal visitors

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We are back in Zambia and the 2009 school year for MICS is off to a great start.

On Friday the school had an official visit by the Ambassador of the Netherlands and the Zambian Chief of Chikanta a village close to Macha. The students welcomed them with a very special grogram. They sang songs, recited Bible verses, and presented a traditional Tonga welcome as well as the MICS traditional welcome song and greeting. Our guests visited the classrooms and toured the new MICS house while they were here.
It was an exciting day for all of us. We felt honoured and privileged to have such special guests!

MICS to be on TV in US

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As you may remember last year Orphan’s Promise helped MICS complete the MICS Boarding House. While we were in the US we were blessed to spend some time in Virginia. While we were there we met the staff from “Living the Life”, the program that sponsors Orphan’s promise. We did a short taping at CBN while there and we just saw in the schedule that our segment will air on Feb 3rd.
The program is Living the Life. It is on the family channel and seemed to be just before 700 Club when it is on the Family Channel. You will have to check your area’s schedule.
We are excited to have a clip of Macha for all to see and thought maybe you would like to find it in your TV guide. We are hoping to get a copy of the program. It looks like Tim Conway will be on that day too. He was there with us the day we were there for the taping.
School began on Tuesday and all is going well. The MICS house is coming along….we have water in the kitchen….a new tub with water in the bathroom and even an inside toilet that flushes…..ahhhh the good life(-: The electricians are wiring the house and school and a new bigger generator just arrived. So soon we will have power for a few hours a day!!!
Thanks for all your prayers!