Happy Birthday MICS!

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MICS started the 2011 school year a few weeks ago in the MICS Boarding House building. Today, February 1st we opened our new school building with a grand birthday party celebration. In 2006 MICS opened with 10 first graders in a borrowed room at the Mission Hospital. Today we opened our new school classrooms with 100 children in grades Reception (kindergarten) to Grade 6. Each class now has a beautiful spacious room.

Container Project Begins

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We have started to plan the organizing, packing and shipping of a cargo container to MICS.  This is a HUGE project.  It will involve the help of many people and many hours of work collecting and packing donated items.  It will also involve several fundraisers to collect the needed funds for the shipment of the cargo container.

Toyota NewsFlash – Keys Arrive!

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First term is over and we were able to go to Lusaka for Easter. Nic took us to Lusaka in his trusty Nissan Patrol and we spent time relaxing with the Bolthouse family. Thanks so much to all of them!!!
 Good News…..the KEYS to the Toyota Landcruiser have arrived in Lusaka and are at the Flying Mission Airstrip Office. We know that for sure as I actually held the keys in my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gil took the picture as proof!! 

The gift goes on… and on… and on!

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Today was the end of the year staff party at MICS…. pizza lunch! (special request of the teachers..they love pizza!!)

Each staff member was then given a Love Bag. It was chucked full of goodies!!!
Their assignment was to select items for themselves that they liked and could use…….. then the love gift had to be shared. They are checking out family members, neighbors, village

Blessing Come In All Shapes & Sizes

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Recently a group of volunteers….16 in total…. came to Macha. They are from I-TEC,a volunteer group, based in Pennsylvania, that sends out teams all over the world to help with electricity problems. As you know, a big need for us here…. and they felt we qualified!  We have been so blessed as different members of the team have been here for about 6 weeks now helping in many many ways!

“Thumbody” Special

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MICS students are finding out that they are “THUMBODY” SPECIAL………made by God!!

Finger painted  thumb prints and sidewalk chalk drawings of themselves helped them to see how they have been uniquely  and specially created by God.

Keep watching for more MICS news!!

We have heard the _  _  _  _  _  _  is coming to town!!!

The School – MICS

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MICS (Macha Innovative Christian School) was created in 2004.  The area of Macha had no quality elementary school for the children of the region.  In addition, there were numerous orphaned and abandoned children who needed a place to call home.

MICS computer lab opens today in new building!

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We are so excited to report that the MICS computer lab opened for instruction today. The team of computer teachers had fifteen computers up and running for the occasion. With the fifteen computers up and running the classes can come all at one time and even the teachers can have a computer to learn on with their class.