Sponsor A Child!

Many of the children in the area are in need of the quality education that MICS provides but cannot afford the tuition. We have a waitlist of students praying each day for a sponsor to provide a scholarship so that they can get an education. Watch the story of Christopher (CLICK HERE), an orphan who dreamed of the opportunity to get an education. Thanks to the generous support of a donor, his dream came true. Christopher attended MICS, spent 5 years in boarding and is now attending high school in the United States.

Many of the students at MICS are orphans just like Christopher who now live with family members. The children are often needed to work in the field and around the home, leaving little time to focus on studying. A boarding scholarship can change the life of a child by teaching a child to:

• Speak English! This is especially helpful because English is often times, not spoken in the home after school, yet it is the official government language of Zambia.
• Be a responsible family member
• Get along with others and obey the rules
• Learn table manners
• Complete household chores such as dishes, laundry, sweeping,
• Play with others during indoor and outdoor games that challenge the student mentally and physically
• Praise the Lord! Boarding students start and end each day with devotions, singing and prayer
• Study and do homework
• Follow a schedule and plan ahead (Most Africans live day to day and are not accustomed to planning ahead)
• Ration food (many students who do not attend boarding do not know when they will receive their next meal and tend to overeat when provided with food)
• Feel the love and care of others!

It takes a lot to run a boarding program for 32 students. Here are just some of the needs:

• Bedding, library books, DVDs, sports equipment, craft supplies, dining hall/kitchen supplies, shelving, an activity room, baskets for personal items such as toiletries, toothbrush, soap,
• Loving chaperones who can cook, clean, shop for food/supplies, drive the boarding vehicle, get insurance

Tuition and Boarding Scholarships

It costs just $550 USD to change the life of a child by providing a one year tuition scholarship and $600 USD for a one year boarding scholarship. That’s around $50 USD per month or $1.50 USD per day, less than most of us pay for our monthly cell phone service or a daily cup of coffee!

Click on “Sponsor a Child” to change the life of a child today!