Gil and Ronda Krause

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Gil and Ronda have been living in Africa for the past 15 years. Over 5 years ago, they moved to the remote village of Macha, Zambia. They are located more than 2 hours from the closest paved road and 5 hours from a major city. Electricity and water are not readily available for them, so needless to say, life is always an adventure in Macha.

Life Is Always An adventure

They moved to Macha to start MICS (Macha Innovative Christian School). There was a desperate need for a quality elementary school for the local children and the many orphans in Macha. It has been 5 years now, and they have more than 70 students. God has done many amazing things in Macha. We are excited to see what will happen next!

This website will allow Gil and Ronda to keep everyone informed and up to date on all the events in Macha.
Please check back often and keep them in your prayers.

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