Blessing Come In All Shapes & Sizes

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Recently a group of volunteers….16 in total…. came to Macha. They are from I-TEC,a volunteer group, based in Pennsylvania, that sends out teams all over the world to help with electricity problems. As you know, a big need for us here…. and they felt we qualified!  We have been so blessed as different members of the team have been here for about 6 weeks now helping in many many ways!

IMG_1760One might think that just having this team come to help would be a big enough blessing for MICS…. and actually it would have been amazing just in itself. We are so grateful to all that worked so hard to help and for that we say THANKS!!

100_0521BUT…… as God just keeps pouring out the blessings for us all here we were amazed at the gift the ream brought.
First we thought what would be better???? a suitcase with balls and sports equipment!!!! Then we thought what could be better than a young man named Chris that will teach us how to use the equipment, especially his favorite sport – basketball???? Then we were truly surprised when he showed us the basketball backboard, hoop and net already installed in the most creative spot and ready for us to use!!!!!!  The men had spent their Saturday installing it on a concrete pad … that some day will be a house(-:  But ,for now is our perfect little MICS court.100_0525

Again we say thanks for blessing us in such a HUGE way!!

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