The gift goes on… and on… and on!

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Today was the end of the year staff party at MICS…. pizza lunch! (special request of the teachers..they love pizza!!)

Each staff member was then given a Love Bag. It was chucked full of goodies!!!
Their assignment was to select items for themselves that they liked and could use…….. then the love gift had to be shared. They are checking out family members, neighbors, village aIMG_1838people, hospital patients anyone they can find in need and will share something from the Love Bag with them…… just like the GIFT OF JESUS goes on and on and on!

The items they are sharing came from all of you…. for that we say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
We so appreciate all the donations given to MICS. They have arrived in containers, with visitors and in volunteers suitcases and some were even squeezed into our luggage when we returned last January.aIMG_1839

Your Gift of Love goes on and on!!!!

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