Container Project Begins

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We have started to plan the organizing, packing and shipping of a cargo container to MICS.  This is a HUGE project.  It will involve the help of many people and many hours of work collecting and packing donated items.  It will also involve several fundraisers to collect the needed funds for the shipment of the cargo container.

There are so many needs at MICS.  It is extremely difficult to get many of the items that are essential to running a quality school.  this container will allow us to send many of these items that they can not get over there.

click on picture to see newspaper article

The project was kicked off by Cheryl Timmerman and Rita Jansen of St. Rose, IL.  They organized a scavenger hunt to raise money for the container and collect some of the needed items (link to news paper story).  This is the 4th scavenger hunt they have organized.  Money raised from previous events went toward scholarhips and the new Toyota for the school.  Thanks Cheryl and Rita for your commitement and support to the school and children of MICS!!